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Our Guarantee

Our promise…is your guarantee

Waigroup bulls are:

  1. Weighed and tagged at birth
  2. Easy calving
  3. Guaranteed sound
  4. Guaranteed for feet for 4yrs
  5. Semen and service capacity tested
  6. Guaranteed for fertility for one year
  7. TB status C10
  8. BVD antigen neg.
  9. Lepto vaccinated

Waigroup – for reproduction

We should never lose sight of the fact that reproduction is the key driver in producing profits from your breeding cowherd.

  1. Waigroup cows are selected to get in calf easily, wean a heavy, healthy calf and get straight back in calf again
  2. Waigroup cows are challenged to reproduce on testing Wairarapa hill country, in conjunction with high performing sheep operations
  3. Waigroup cows produce ample milk

Waigroup - for growth

As many farmers have found, extremely high growth rates may sound great, but are seldom the most efficient or desirable under New Zealand farming conditions. High growth rates need high inputs of top quality feed. Here in New Zealand, beef cattle are often challenged to convert average quality feed to above average weight gains.

Waigroup cattle are tested to produce under commercial conditions. They are not, and never will be, pampered or preferentially fed.

They are bred for the most efficient growth rate, to give the best balance for economically important EBV’s – and therefore maximise your profits.

  1. Waigroup cattle are bred for optimum feed conversion and optimum growth rates
  2. Our cows are expected to wean a calf weighing 50% or more of their body weight at 200 days of age.

Waigroup - for soundness

Soundness is vital for longevity and performance. The longer your cattle can actively produce on your farm, the more money you will make. We have cows at up to 17yrs of age and still weaning good calves.
We have placed particular emphasis on udders and teats on females and correct leg structure, especially the back legs of bulls, to ensure mobility and lasting serving ability on the hills.

  1. Our bulls feet are guaranteed for four years
  2. Our bulls are semen and serving capacity tested prior to sale
  3. Our cattle have proven staying power and longevity

Waigroup - for temperament

Temperament is highly heritable and we have selected strongly for this important trait. Our cows have a ‘user-friendly’ maternal instinct – our calves are safely weighed and tagged at birth. Temperament also has an effect on meat ph, colour and quality

  1. Our cattle are quiet and will improve the temperament and handling ability of their progeny.

Waigroup – for genetic predictability

Our breeding programme has been designed to generate sires from within our herd, using a large base of cows and limited infusions of outside genetics. Under this system, geneticists have proven that a herd of our size (nearly 800 cows) can maximise genetic progress for at least 120 years.

Due to their purity, Waigroup genetics will be a potent and powerful force in your cow herd. We’ve bred the cattle that the New Zealand farmer needs and that perform to our high expectations. As a result, outside bloodlines are introduced sparingly – we’re careful not to jeopardise the unique genetic stamp we have cemented in the Waigroup herd.

  1. Our bulls will perform to the levels we claim
  2. Our bulls will rapidly and cumulatively lift the production levels of your herd

group of Waigroup cattle

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